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Written, directed and produced by the Federal Prosecution Service of Brazil in partnership with the Catholic University of Pernambuco, the documentary “Pedro Jorge: a life for justice” revolves around the murder of the brazilian Federal Prosecutor Pedro Jorge de Melo e Silva, who died in 1982, when he has 35 years old.

The crime was a direct consequence of the charges pressed by the prosecutor against many politicians, military and other powerful people in a case known as “Manioc Scandal” (in portuguese, “Escândalo da mandioca”).

One of the biggest corruption schemes in the 80's, during the brazilian military dictatorship, the Manioc Scandal took place in the countryside of the state of Pernambuco, in the northeast part of the country. The criminals asked for loans at a public bank, stating that the money would be used to grow manioc. However, no plantation was really grown and the loan was never repaid, for they claimed that the harvest was lost due to the dry season (very common in the region).doc

This documentary is a non-profit movie and may publicly exhibited, as long as it's free of charge for the audience. Asking for prior authorization is not necessary, but the responsible for this project would be very grateful to those who can inform us about any exibition, by sending an e-mail to: prr5-ascom@mpf.mp.br.

You can download the movie in high resolution in this web site: www.docpedrojorge.mpf.mp.br


Full documentary (41 minutes)